#MagicalCraiova. Puppets Occupy Street, the story in our eyes

When the words in vain disperse into the atmosphere and become twinkles in the eyes, amazement and wonder, and the blink becomes blocked by what the eyes see, then you know that, for a week, life did not flow in vain.

Craiova became the city of our childhood, as we dreamed of it and as we still do it, sometimes, when we take a break and think about what is most beautiful in life.

For eight editions, Puppets Occupy Street has been bringing us with new and new surprises and has been reminding us that in each of us there is a child who hopes, dreams and wishes for better. The festival-show came with new workshops for children, with magic shows, but also with unique performances for older children. And when the whole city becomes effectively populated with such events, the world changes, and the smiles on the street can be seen through the grey cloud of ordinary days, grey and suffocated by routine.

The largest animation art festival in Romania gathered thousands of people from Craiova, with a huge work done by only a handful of people who take care of organizing the festival, organizing everything that is needed for things to go well. As the song says, "You don't need much to be happy,/ A handful of friends is enough at sunset", so we let ourselves be guided by kindness, friendship and simple life that do not requires too much than the presence and the desire to embrace a magic devised by skilled craftsmen from over ten countries who have carried us through their stories.

And, as a completion of a perfect, the start and end parades carried the stories through the city, leaving us amazed, again, with what effect some simple dolls can have on us. But they are not simple: behind them is the work of all those who make this festival possible and who offer us, year after year, a mirror that we rarely raise to see ourselves clean and pure, as we once were and how we still are.

We are children again and, with tears in our eyes, we recognize that we live in a story that makes us want even more. Let's not give up this side of ourselves and find it everywhere: in the colours of autumn, in the cheerful drawings on the streets or in the simple fact that we have everything we need to enjoy, like children, a magic that we all have it inside us: life itself.

Photo: Teodora Modan Fotograf –facebook.com/Teodora-Modan-Fotograf-105224407986463, facebook.com/PuppetsOccupyStreet 

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