Câncea House

Câncea House

Monument / Architectural attraction


Casa Câncea, Calea Unirii 74, Craiova 200330, România


Câncea House is a historic architectural monument in Craiova, located on Calea Unirii, at no. 74. The building, built at the middle of the 19th century, is located on the right side of the street, according to the traffic direction (descending from Hotel New York to Nicolae Romanescu Park).

The building takes its name from the tenant farmer Nicolae Câncea’s family, who owned it over time (it is not known for certain whether the building was built by the Câncea family). Nicolae Câncea came from a family of tenant farmers, he and his brother, Vasile, having received in 1893, as inheritance from their father, Teodor Câncea, the estates of Cetate and Ulmul, a house in Craiova (Abundence Street, no. 9), a house in Calafat and the Cetăţuia mill. Over the years, Nicolae increased his fortune, being the tenant of the Sumaşul estate (Lower Coşoveni, Dolj) and having large estates in Mehedinţi County (Slaşoma, Broscari, Dobra, Balta Verde, Bălăciţa-Vardinița (Gvardeniţa), Voloiac) and Dolj County (Malu Mare, Cetate, Coşoveni, Glod-Vârâţi, Livezi, Leu, Secui, Ghindeni, Fărcaş, Sălcuţa) and real estate in Craiova and Calafat.

Over time, the original layout of the building was affected, and the works performed in 2010 (exterior finishes in colors differing from the previous ones, tiles at the base of the building, plaster repairs, replacing the carpentry with PVC windows with double glazing) were made without complying with the rules enforced for buildings included on the Historical Monuments List.

Source: www.monumenteoltenia.ro/

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