Dumitru P. Arssenie House

Dumitru P. Arssenie House

Monument / Architectural attraction


Strada Traian 27, Calafat 205200, România


The Dumitru P. Arssenie House was built in 1878. He lived in the house located in Calafat until 1927, together with his family - wife, daughter, niece with her husband and granddaughter. After 1927 the house belonged to the Border Units.

Dumitru P. Arssenie, a native of the island of Mykonos, Greece, became one of the councilors for the Mayor of Calafat. Subsequently, he was appointed as vice-president of the Bank of Calafat, founder of St. Nicholas Church. He was also one of the greatest supporters of the Greek Church and its cult. He supported Queen Elisabeth's field hospitals.

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