Feraru House

Feraru House

Monument / Architectural attraction


Casa Feraru, Calea Unirii 68, Craiova 200330, România


The Feraru House is a historic architectural monument located near the central area of Craiova. The building is located on Calea Unirii, at no. 68, next to Schina House and opposite to Grigorescu House. The house, which belonged to landlord N. I. Feraru, currently hosts the "C. S. Nicolăescu-Plopşor" Institute of Socio-Human Research.

The house was built in the style of French academics according to the plans of engineer Alfred Vincenz. Former architect of the Craiova City Hall, Vincenz designed for many land owners in Craiova at that time, contributing to the urban wealth of the city.

Feraru House is an impressive appearance in the architectural landscape of Unirii Street. At the exterior, the two balconies and the rich ornamentation are noted, especially at the top and on the roof with decorative skylights. The entrance is made through the courtyard (there is no exit on the side to the street), from where you get to the entrance hall and then, after climbing a few steps, you reach the inner hall. The upper floor can be reached by a spiral staircase. Inside, stucco and ornamentation, wall painting by painter Francisc Trybalski, as well as furniture and decorations (tapestry) stand out. Feraru House has been equipped with Renaissance style stoves, with sanitary installations made by Johann Laub (also worked at the Butcher's Hall in former Marșeu Square) and lighting facilities made by the engineer Florea Iliescu.

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