”Grandma's Old Room” - The Kindergarten Folk Center, Galicea Mare


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Strada Calafatului 10, Galicea Mare, România


The folk center of the Galicea Mare kindergarten is located inside the Kindergarten no. 1, structure of the Galicea Mare Gymnasium, Dolj County, on the European road E56.

In order to revive both the traditions and the Romanian folk costume, a place where they can regain their glamour and meaning was created: ”The Grandma's Old Room”, where all these old objects come alive and create a warm atmosphere filled with the love of the peasants from the old days. The permanent exhibition, opened in 2016, is designed in a traditional manner, with each object waiting to be used to show its craftsmanship, as follows: the wooden bed and the straw mat wait for the man to rest, the wooden table and the waiting chairs looking forward for dinner to be served, but also the loom where the women wove quilts remind us, the grown-ups, and teach the little ones about the Romanian customs and traditions of the old days.

Source: ghidul muzeelor.cimec.ro

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