Grigore Gabrielescu House

Grigore Gabrielescu House

Monument / Architectural attraction


Casa Grigore Gabrielescu, Strada Brândușa 16, Craiova 200421, România


The Grigore Gabrielescu House is a historic architectural monument located near the central area of Craiova, on Brânduşa Street, at no. 14. The building is situated opposite to the History and Archaeology Section of the Oltenia Museum (the former Central School for Girls ) and in the immediate vicinity of the Church of St. Nicholas - Brândușa. Built at the middle of the 19th century, the house took over the name of tenor Grigore Gabrielescu.

A world renowned tenor, professor, former director of the National Theater in Craiova and the "Elena and Elefterie Cornetti" Music School, Grigore Gabrielescu was born and lived in this building. Also, the writer George Coşbuc temporarily lived in this building after his marriage on June 1, 1895, to Elena Sfetea, the sister of editor C. Sfetea. Here, the only son of the writer, Alexandru, was born on August 11, 1895, but died on August 26, 1915, in a car accident on his way to Tismana.

Grigore Gabrielescu was founder, active president and later honorary president of the choral societies Hora and Armonia. He died in Craiova on March 13, 1915. Apart from the house that bears his name, the memory of the famous tenor Grigore Gabrielescu is also honored by means of two streets that bear his name, one in Craiova and one in Bucharest.


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