Obedeanu Fountain

Architectural attraction


Fântâna Obedeanu, Craiova, România


In 1756, on the commemoration of one year since the death of the founder Constantin Obedeanu, his wife, Stanca, together with her son, Dumitrache, built a beautiful fountain at the edge of the Craiovița estate to serve an eternal remembrance of their late husband and father. The Bishop of Râmnic, Chesarie, was also present at the sanctification of this fountain.
The fountain has been restored several times, the last time in 2006 at the expense of the Obedeanu parish.
Also in 2006 were celebrated 250 years of uninterrupted existence of the Obedeanu Church, the Obedeanu School and the Obedeanu Fountain.

Source: fantanilecraiovei.wordpress.com/istorie

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