Poenari Kula


Almăj 207010, România


Access: From the European road E 70, E 79 Craiova - Filiaşi, after Isalniţa locality, turn right to Almăj, about 3 km.
Built in 1764 by the boyar Barbu Poenaru on his estate in Almăj village.

The dome had two levels, with a wooden pillar standing upstairs.
In the years 1801 and 1844, the kula is burned, losing the floor.

In 1904, the boyar Gheorghe Poenaru gave it to the town hall to be transformed into a school.
Currently, what is left of the Poienari Kula is embedded in the school building in the locality.

Source: www.kule.ro
Photo: www.kule.ro

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