#DianuHouse. The Romanian Book and Exile Museum, countdown to the official opening

#DianuHouse. The Romanian Book and Exile Museum, countdown to the official opening

The Romanian Book and Exile Museum in Craiova, hosted by the "Tache Dianu" House, an important architectural symbol for Craiova and one of the most beautiful old houses in Dolj, rehabilitated with European funds by the Dolj County Council, is about to officially open its gates for visitors.

The institution recently received, from the National Commission of Museums and Collections, the prior approval for the establishment, which means that, in a short time, we will be able to enjoy a new museum in Craiova, in Dolj and in Oltenia. The museum is unique in Romania, bringing together and to the public's eyes impressive collections of important Romanians who created and contributed to Romanian culture in exile and who, thanks to the efforts of specialists from the "Alexandru and Aristia Aman" County Library, were donated to this new institution.

Among the collections and funds of documents present in the new museum, we mention those of the academician Dinu C. Giurescu, the historian Dan Berindei, the academician Basarab Nicolescu, the writers Mircea Eliade, Leonid Mămăligă, Vintilă Horia, the movie directors Andrei Șerban and Paul Barbăneagră or the spouses Ileana and Romulus Vulpescu.

Beyond its study and museum character, the new space will also be an interactive one, with the latest technology and study equipment, but also one dedicated to meetings and cultural debates. The Romanian Book and Exile Museum aims to be a living and modern institution, open to everyone, preserving to the same extent both the character of knowledge of the past and the education of the future generation, which will provide the culture of tomorrow.

Therefore, we look forward to the opening of a new cultural institution and a formidable architectural monument, brought to life through immeasurable work, but which was worth every second of effort, in the Craiova landscape. The effort of all those involved in this project will pay off, with time, with each visitor who will cross the threshold and who will understand more of what Romanian culture means, sent, long ago, into exile and now brought back home.

See you at the inauguration! #Soon

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