#EuropeanNightOfMuseums. Which museums and institutions can be visited on the evening of May 13

#EuropeanNightOfMuseums. Which museums and institutions can be visited on the evening of May 13

The European Night of Museums is approaching, so in the evening and night of May 13 to 14, we will once again have unique experiences.

Five institutions in Craiova will open their doors to visitors, who will have free access and who will be able to learn stories in a special setting.

Thus, the Oltenia Museum opens its three sections for visitors, between 19:00 and 1:00.

At the History-Archaeology Section, the available exhibitions are "Rediscover Oltenia", "Oltenia Rediviva", "Romanian Gendarmerie 1850-2020" and "A treasure of the Bronze Age from Oltenia. The culture of Gârla Mare - Cârna". At Casa Băniei, meaning the Section of Ethnography, museographers await you with the exhibitions "Making bread", "Rhythms of life" and "Regional photography exhibition for high school students: Oltenia in images". Last but not least, the Natural Sciences Section awaits you with the exhibitions "Marine and oceanic fish from the heritage of the Oltenia Museum", "Oltenia - Terra Fossilis", "Physico-geographical conditions and ecosystems of Oltenia", "Collection of minerals and rocks" and "The Universe and our Solar System/ Planetarium”. 

At the Art Museum, which will participate in the Night of the Museums between 16:30 and 23:30, visitors will have four sections to visit.

Firstly, we have a temporary exhibition of graphics, which includes 40 works by the artist Silvan Ionescu, most of which present portraits of the personalities of the time, especially from the Oltenia area. The works will be exhibited in the Hall of Honor on the first floor of the museum, as well as in the Hall of Mirrors. On the ground floor of the museum, the temporary exhibition "Still Painting" - Dana Constantin awaits you, and the permanent exhibitions, which include the Romanian Art Gallery and the "Constantin Brâncusi" Cabinet, can also be visited on the occasion of the Night of the Museums. At the same time, the "Constantin Brâncusi" Center, which offers a whole series of documentary materials about the life and work of the great sculptor, is included in this circuit. 

The Theater for Children and Youth "Colibri" also joins this initiative and the cultural institution will be able to be visited between 19:00 and 1:00.

What do the theater people offer us? "RetroActiv" is the sign under which the Colibri Theater offers the public a journey through the time and space of affective memory in this edition of the Night of the Museums. Forays into the labyrinth of past events, with fragments of the history of the theater told by witness objects, meet the immediate present on routes that discover the fascinating world of the puppet as a symbol of the animated theater. So, if you want to learn the story of one of the most beloved cultural institutions in Craiova, this is an opportunity you should not miss!

Another institution full of stories opens on the occasion of the Night of the Museums, namely the headquarters of Radio Oltenia Craiova, between 19:00 and 22:00.

The curious are invited to discover technical equipment, used over time in the creation of the radio product, starting from the Russian tape recorders, to the Q-Sound automatic broadcast software, all brought together in a unique exhibition in the history of public radio. Within the exhibition, the stages that have gone through, in the last decades, in the recording, processing and playback/broadcasting of the sound of the radio station are reflected.

"Marin Sorescu" National Theater also participates in the great event with the exhibition "King Carol I. Founder of Modern Romania", which can be visited between 19:00 and 2:00.

The exhibition includes objects that belonged to King Carol I, such as crockery, coins, medals, small items of furniture or decorations, weapons, books and publications, all being made available for the first time in the Oltenia region by the Peleș National Museum in Sinaia. The souvenir shop will also be open for those who wish to purchase souvenir items with Queen Maria and King Charles I, theater and history books, as well as items illustrating historical moments and theatrical personalities.

We remind you that access is free to all events included in the "Night of Museums" program. So, we'll see you this weekend at the events, to discover as many interesting stories as possible about our places!

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