#FlavourfulSummer. 5 places in Craiova where artisan dishes are an experience

#FlavourfulSummer. 5 places in Craiova where artisan dishes are an experience

The warm days are starting to announce themselves, so we will seek refuge in the great outdoors or in delicious, artisan dishes that will make us enjoy the coming summer even more.

We've thought of some new or recently opened locations that you're sure to enjoy. Let's begin! 

Cannoleria Craiova is the newest place opened in our city, where you can enjoy Italian dishes just as they are at theirhomeland, from delicious cannoli filled with aromatic creams, to pinsa, pasta or grandma's tart and many other goodies that will discover more easily on site. You can find them on str. A.I. Cuza, in "William Shakespeare" Square!
Cannoleria.Craiova - facebook

Mon Gourmet Craiova is yet another special place where you can buy raw materials for what you want to cook at home, but also ready-made dishes made by the most skilled hands! We are referring to high quality products here, for those who want to eat less and better for the pleasure of the taste buds, but also for their health. Sandwiches, salads, tarts, artisanal bread, Italian meats, fine cheeses or pastries are just some of the options you have when you step into Mon Gourmet Craiova. All about them in the link below!
Mon Gourmet Craiova - facebook

Sweets can also be innocent, without sugar, gluten, without ingredients of animal origin and without dyes. "Annoyingly healthy", as they call them, are the sweets of RawLaLa, who prepare daily treats made with passion and love for nature and all that it has to offer. Combinations of fruits, seeds, butters of vegetable origin and many others meet in dishes that will surprise you with their taste and appearance!
RawLala Raw Vegan Craiova - facebook www.rawlala.ro

If you miss an artisanal burger with homemade sauces from the freshest ingredients, sandwiches designed for a perfect fusion of taste or other goodies to satisfy your hunger and cravings, then you need to run. Where? At "Fuga în bucătărie" („Run in the kitchen”), a small place, but full of initiative and passion for cooking. All we can say is that you have to taste it to be convinced!
Fuga in bucatarie - facebook

The days of June and beyond will become extremely hot, so what better way to cool off than an Italian gelato? At Ponton Gelato you will find exactly what you need to delight your senses, with artisanal ice cream served in various delicious combinations, creamy, solid or liquid, in or next to a top-quality coffee.
Ponton Gelato - facebook

Don't hesitate to indulge your senses this summer in Craiova, through the best dishes made by people who are really in love with cuisine and flavours. Besides, what better way to show your love than to surprise your loved ones with something good to eat? ❤️

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