"Movie in The Village", a story of closeness in a world that seems made to tear us apart

"Movie in The Village", a story of closeness in a world that seems made to tear us apart

When the community is united, great things happen. This was also the case of the "Movie in The Village" Arts Festival, organized by the Association "Cuzin Toma - If I can, you can too", which met, for three days, with the people of Dolj and beyond, in the village of Cernătești.

Areas that are far from the big cities tend to be forgotten by the big metropolises and buried under a kind of earthy convenience. It was not the case here, where the Dolj County Council, the Cernăteşti City Hall and the Cernăteşti Local Council joined hands to welcome, in their midst, people who know what they do and for whom, artists who know very well that the only way you can delivering culture to hard-to-reach areas is knocking from door to door to deliver it. Or, at least, to bring the culture as close as possible to them.

Thus, last weekend, the stadium in Cernătești turned into a place where film, music, art in general found their place and, we believe, made it a central point where people meet and socialize, where they enjoy and learn new things about the world which, although it seems very far away from them, is so close. That is if there are people to bring this world to where it feels best.

Socio-cultural initiatives of this kind are worth supporting because they enliven a community and make it an interactive place, where the world discovers a potential perhaps untapped until then. In the case of the Cernăteşti village and this festival, the Cernătești semi-fortified historical building, recently rehabilitated through European funds accessed by the Dolj County Council, received a well-deserved place in the top of last weekend's destinations, considering that it was given the attention it deserves with only a few weeks before the official inauguration.

Beyond the cultural aspect of the event, we were happy to see all kinds of people together, both locals and visitors arriving in the area for an evening or two, to find out the potential of such a place that, at first glance, does not have a lot to offer.

We have been shown, once again, that man sanctifies the place and that, if the interest is high enough, an almost unknown place on the Romanian map can become a meeting point for all kinds of people.

Thank you, "Movie in The Village", for teaching us that we can all be together, smiling, enjoying, and most importantly, for teaching us that our differences are infinitely less than the things that bring us closer.

See you soon!

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