#ProjectsForCommunity. What was in 2023, what's next in 2024

#ProjectsForCommunity. What was in 2023, what's next in 2024

The year 2023 also meant, for Dolj county, a lot of completed projects, inaugurated and returned to the communities. It's also a good opportunity to talk about ongoing projects as well as upcoming ones. 

Why 2023 was special

Izvoranu-Geblescu and Cernăteștilor semifortified buildings
A great joy of Dolj is that two towers - semi-fortified constructions from the old days - have received due attention and have re-entered the tourist circuit. It is about the buildings from the communes of Cernătești and Brabova, which have been restored and turned into museum points. The funding was accessed by the Dolj County Council, from European funds, giving back to the villages of Dolj two important points of interest and, by themselves, independent stories. 

Museum of the Book and the Romanian Exile
The end of September pleasantly surprised us with the inauguration of a new cultural institution in Craiova, the Romanian Book and Exile Museum, a unique project in the country, hosted by one of the oldest and most beautiful houses in the city. Dianu House, therefore, also rehabilitated through European funds accessed by the Dolj County Council, hosts dozens of collections of Romanian artists who created in exile and also functions as an interactive museum, where the exhibited objects can be studied on site. 

DJ552 Craiova-Cetate
Another investment from which Dolj residents already benefit, since the beginning of December, is the newly rehabilitated county road DJ552 Craiova-Cetate. This means 68 kilometers rehabilitated with European funds that ensure access to quality transport for a basin of almost 330,000 inhabitants, from ten localities, and the connection between the city of Craiova and the south of the county. 

"Football Olympics" & "ME at the MusEum"
Two important projects of the Dolj County Council, dedicated to children in the county and from  Craiova, were put into practice this year as well. "Football Olympics" and "ME at the MusEum", at their second edition in 2023, means sport and culture for students in the county, who can learn more, interact and develop their skills in a organized framework. 

What's next in 2024

Expansion and modernization of Craiova International Airport
We all believe in the development of our county, but this would not be possible, to a large extent, without direct access to Craiova International Airport. During this period, the airport is going through one of the most ambitious projects of the Dolj County Council, with a value of 97 million euros, which means the expansion of the departures/arrivals terminal, facilities, a photovoltaic park and a lot of modernizations aimed to ensure the comfort and safety of travellers’. The project is expected to be completed in 2024 and we can't wait to see the results!

DJ641 Mischii – border of Olt county
Soon, the modernization project of another county road, DJ641 Mischii - the border of Olt county, will begin, with the largest European funding obtained by the county administration for a road, of over 62 million euros. 

EuroVelo 6
Cycling enthusiasts will soon be able to enjoy the nature of our county. Dolj County Council, which is also the leader of a partnership that also includes similar institutions from Mehedinți and Olt, as well as 40 localities from the three counties, obtained non-refundable financing for a project with a total value of 35 million euros, which aims to develop a section of almost 360 kilometres of the EuroVelo 6 European cycling route. Thus, lovers of cycling and natural landscapes will be able to combine the two passions, on a route that, only in Dolj county, will have over 170 kilometres. 

The largest indoor sports hall in Romania, in Craiova
The former "Tineretului" Stadium, a place that is full of history for Craiova, a city whose heart is always with sports, will be transformed into the largest indoor sports hall in the country, as well as the first indoor velodrome in Romania. The project is unique in Europe and addresses both individual and team sports. Those who will train here will have modern training conditions and the athletics track will be the only one in the country that meets European level requirements. The new multifunctional sports complex comes to complete the sports ensemble in the area where it will be found, joining the Polyvalent Hall (rebuilt and inaugurated in 2012) and the "Ion Oblemenco" Stadium (inaugurated in 2017 and built on the site of the former "Central" Stadium).

The projects of the future sound extremely good, and they are knocking on the door! 2024 is almost here, and we wish you to spend the transition of the years as you wish! #HappyNewYear

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