#RelaxTakeItEasy. 5 places in Dolj where we can escape from everyday life

#RelaxTakeItEasy. 5 places in Dolj where we can escape from everyday life

We all need a moment to breathe, and luckily, we don't have to go far to find them. We have a multitude of choices right here at home, and we just have to make up our minds. Whether we're talking about a relaxing day at the pool or a gorgeous county getaway, below are our suggestions for relaxing, unwinding and recharging your batteries.

La Ciupagi

Try to escape from the noise of the crowded city in La Ciupagi, more precisely in Calafat, where a team of people who have laid the foundations of a corner of Heaven awaits you with open arms. Whether you are amateurs of fishing, of sailing or riding a bike, of relaxing by the pool or if you have children who are fond of playing, this is the ideal place to come for an experience genuine in nature. Let's not talk about the dishes, which are delicious, like our own mothers used to make!
La Ciupagi - facebook laciupagi.ro

Valea Fetii

Another similar place, but this time in the city, is Valea Fetii, a landscaped space in Craiova, near Lake Valea Fetii, where all kinds of interesting events take place and where you can also reconnect with nature. The idyllic setting gives you the impression that you are not in the city, but somewhere far from the noise and bustle. It is definitely a place made with soul by people with soul!
Vale Fetii - facebook valeafetii.ro

Water Park

If the summer days are too hot and you feel the need for a little adventure, you can choose to go to the Craiova Water Park, the largest aquatic complex in Oltenia. Here you can find swimming pools of different sizes, being a perfect place for both adults and children, indoor pools, sauna, but also the famous slides that will give you the adrenaline rush you are looking for.
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Păpădia Village

Păpădia Village is another place where you can escape into the nature, here in Dolj, and where you can enjoy delicious dishes, from locally sourced ingredients, but also a spectacular location. Those from Păpădia, which is located in Perișor commune, also provide accommodation, so you can quietly enjoy a magical night in the heart of a special community in the county.
Papadia Village - facebook papadiavillage.ro

Plus Aqua

If you're looking for a complete wellness experience, then the place to go is Plus Aqua, right on the edge of Craiova. It's not just for swimming and cooling off, but also for squash, sauna/hammam, jacuzzi, fitness or aerobics. You also have a relaxation space for quiet moments spent within the complex.
Plus Aqua - facebook plusaqua.ro

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