#ShowInTheSky. "G.V. Bibescu" Aeroclub Craiova, air show 90 years after its establishment

#ShowInTheSky. "G.V. Bibescu" Aeroclub Craiova, air show 90 years after its establishment

"He who believes in flight is master of the horizon", said the great author Lucian Blaga. We believe that seeing the world from the sky is one of the most uplifting experiences one can have, and so we suggest you try to see at least some parts of this world this coming Saturday.

The reason is simple: the Territorial Aeroclub "G.V. Bibescu" from Craiova marks 90 years since it was founded and will celebrate this with a special air show. Thus, on August 12, those interested will be able to see in action the members of the Hawks of Romania, White Wings and Blue Wings, teams specialized in flying, with impressive experience in the field. Everything will take place at the airport headquarters, on Calafatului street, kilometer 4.5, starting at 10:00.
Șoimii României - Hawks Of Romania - facebook White Wings - facebook Blue Wings Romania - facebook

At the same time, recreational flights with the aircrafts of the aeroclub will be organized for the public.

The 90-year history of the Aeroclub in Craiova began to be written in the fall of 1933, when the statute and establishment of an association for aeronautical propaganda, tourism and air defence, with the name "Oltenia Aeroclub ", were voted. In time, the activity of the aeroclub became very popular among people, who began to be more and more attracted to flying.

The name of the Craiova aeroclub is a tribute to the flying man George-Valentin Bibescu, one of the best Romanian pilots, a pioneer of both aviation and motoring, as he was the one who founded the Romanian Automobile Club (1904), The Romanian Aviation Club (1909), but also the National Air League (1912).

Currently, the "G.V. Bibescu" Aeroclub offers flight school services for motorized ultralight aircraft, for gliding, for obtaining a skydiving license, as well as recreational flights or tandem parachute jumps. You can find out more about the courses held at the institution by accessing the link below.
Aeroclubul Teritorial “George Valentin Bibescu” Craiova

So don't miss this opportunity to see and experience something spectacular. No matter how old you are, we're sure you'll find the world of flight fascinating, and here's an opportunity to get to know it up close, right here at home!

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