6 festivals you should not miss in next months

6 festivals you should not miss in next months

These months are full of interesting events in Dolj, from music of all tastes, to theatrical art and adventures like there weren’t before. Discover them all and go there, to have fun and to meet the people that make them possible.

The Balloons Adventure

The first hot air balloon festival from Oltenia will take place at nea Mărin’s home, in Băilești, between 30th of August and the 1st of September. Its ambition is to bring the adventure in the limelight. The ones that will attend the event will be able to fly during these three days, of course while being greeted by the local hospitality, how else represented than by the traditional wine, the zaibăr. The festival will take place on the Cilieni Airdrome.

See the event page - The Balloons Adventure

Puppets Occupy Street – REvolution Edition

For the sixth year in a row, the traditional puppet festival captivates Craiova once again, with an edition that promises to be at least as spectacular as the former ones: REvolution Edition. Workshops, concerts, plays and the long awaited parade of the giant puppets all promise a once in a lifetime experience, offered by the hosts of “Colibri” Theater. All of this, between the 25th of August and 1st of September.

See the event page - Puppets Occupy Street – REvolution Edition

Summer Spell Fest

9th and 10th of August are the days of reverie, good music and art of all kinds and for all tastes, just like the organizers say. Everything will take place at “Hanul Doctorului” Park, somehow away from the city, so that the music can be heard as it’s supposed to. CTC, Argatu, Moș Martin, Pascal Junior, The Kryptonite Sparks, Craiova Independent Artists or El Negro are just a few of the names that will get on stage for this festival.

See the event page - Summer Spell Fest

Craiova Street Delivery

Street Delivery comes back to Craiova, at the beginning of autumn, for its second edition, between 6th and 8th of September. This time, the slogan of the event will be “Poetry is in the street”, and the road that will be closed and given back to the people is Mihail Kogălniceanu Street. The participants will take part in workshops, concerts, movie screenings, conferences and many more surprises. There will also be interactive activities, good food and the well known relaxed atmosphere.

Metal Bunker

Seeing its 9th edition, Metal Bunker, a festival and also a social initiative born from the punk/rock communities in Craiova, transforms the city once again, for two days, in a so-to-say capital of underground niche music. The event will take place between 27th and 29th of September, on the backstage of Students’ House of Culture in Craiova, molded perfectly on the addressed music genre.

See the event page - Metal Bunker

The Sculpture Symposium “Brâncuși Roads”

Started already at the 1st of August, The Sculpture Symposium “Brâncuși Roads” has reached its seventh edition. For one month, until the 31st of August, the esplanade of the Multifonctional Centre in Craiova is „the playground” for five sculptors in Romania, Ecuador, Turkey/ Georgia and Italy, whose marble works of art will beautify the city, at the end. The interested ones can go watch the sculptors working every day, until the end of August and, why not, find out what will come out of the blocks of rock.

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