4 unique initiatives, brands of the young people in Craiova. Sustainable ideas designed by those who see the world differently

4 unique initiatives, brands of the young people in Craiova. Sustainable ideas designed by those who see the world differently

Young people in Craiova abound in ideas, and for about two years they have the resources to put them into practice. With the support of the authorities, but also with the one of Ford Resource and Engagement Centre in Craiova, who offers grants for social initiative projects, several groups of young people, students or recent graduates, and managed to "wake up" the city through their work.

The proof stands in the fact that more and more people are approaching them, and the world starts to realise that we can live differently, so we can consume less resources of a planet already burdened. 

Ageless - Shoes, Sneakers and More

Let's say that you own a pair of shoes that you no longer wear because of extra-use, or that you’re bored of them and they do not represent you anymore. Usually, anyone would throw them away, because they would no longer see their potential. But Ageless considered to do things differently and have opened the first refurbishment workshop for shoes in Southwestern Romania. At correct and accessible prices, they bring shoes back to life, making us avoid waste and also the pollution caused by casually throwing away unwanted shoes.
Ageless - Shoes, Sneakers & more

GRENA - Green Nature for Healthy Life

If you want fresh vegetables, delivered at home and grown by skilled and inventive hands, then GRENA is exactly what you are looking for. The winners of this grant have built their greenhouses and seriously started growing fresh vegetables for the people of Craiova. Vegetables that they deliver, how else then in a sustainable way for the planet: by the bike. Because this is also about being healthy and moving in a way that discourages pollution. 
GRENA - green nature for healthy life

GoBike Craiova

We were talking above about vegetables delivered by bike. Well, they are not delivered with any bikes, but with the ones from GoBike, another ambitious project and super friendly with the environment and with the people of Craiova. It's about a bicycle rental center, with accessible prices, to make people move more and enjoy a ride by the bike in the park, even if they do not have one of their own. You can find GoBike inside “Romanescu” Park, near the lake, ready to load you with your daily dose of exercise. 
GoBike Craiova


We all know how polluting is the act of throwing your used frying oil into the sewers. Its impact on the environment is extremely dramatic, but what the world doesn’t know is that we also have pleasant alternatives to that – even ones that smell great! EcOil-Cuv wants exactly that, to turn the used cooking oil into organic soaps with the most beautiful smells. 

These are just 4 of the good ideas of young people in Craiova and, perhaps, the planet is suffering less thanks to them. Discover the rest of them through a walk in Craiova and, if you know other beautiful projects, don’t hesitate to write to us on Facebook, to let us find out as well! 
Discover Dolj

Photos: facebook.com/EcOil-Cuv-325979164851400/, facebook.com/GoBikeCrv, facebook.com/GRENA2019, facebook.com/ageless2k19/ 

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