Adrenaline and fun, at Bunker Laser Tag Craiova

Adrenaline and fun, at Bunker Laser Tag Craiova

Fans of thrills and adrenaline in Craiova can enjoy this more than usual, given that, for several days, the only Laser Tag arena in the city has reopened its doors for them.
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Bunker Laser Tag Arena has moved its "nest" to the 4th floor of the Mercur Center and is waiting for you to experience a different kind of fight, in a unique setting, full of color and, at the same time, of mystery.

In addition to having fun and trying another activity, Laser Tag also provides the movement we all need so much lately; you run, you feel good and, why not, you prove to your friends that you are the best at it!

And while you wait to enter the game, you can enjoy a drink in the specially arranged space.

For those who don't know, Laser Tag is a particularly team sport, completely harmless, in which players try to get points by shooting with a handgun that emits an infrared ray. The opponent is equipped with a suit that receives the signal emitted by the weapon, at the end calculating the score for each player.

If you haven't tried the Laser Tag experience yet, the people there are more than eager to receive you. Don't forget to book a place in advance! The bunker is open every day, so the fun is guaranteed whenever you want!

We couldn't talk about adrenaline and fun without mentioning the people from Azil Escape House Craiova, who thought of a concept that is at least... scary and beautiful for spending your free time.

We are talking about a house where you go with friends and, surrounded by horror movie sets and actors meant to ensure authenticity, you have to follow the clues and escape in the time provided.
Azil Escape House - facebook

Soon, the people from Azil Escape House will arrange a horror cinema, where you will be able to watch niche movies in a unique atmosphere. Keep an eye on them on Facebook for news and go pay them a visit, if your heart can take it, of course. 😊

Photo:, /AzilEscapeHouse

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