alterCinema. Entertainment options for Craiova moviegoers + alterTheater

alterCinema. Entertainment options for Craiova moviegoers + alterTheater

Cinemas continue to remain closed, to the disappointment of moviegoers who, for several months, have had only their home screens available for their movies.

However, others have thought of options that are good enough to compensate for the privacy and superior quality of movies in cinemas, offering adapted options to the strange period we are going through.

So we come in front of you and tell you that, yes, there can be cinemas even now, as long as there is the will and desire to make them. 

Cinema in the Old Town of Craiova

The people from the "Traian Demetrescu" House of Culture had the beautiful idea to offer the people of Craiova, on weekend evenings, the pleasure of watching movies in the Historic Center of the city. And not just any kind of movies, but real history, directing and acting lessons. With king Charlie Chaplin on the screens, the people of Craiova are invited every weekend to have a seat in the “Frații Buzești” Square and to watch real masterpieces of the silent film and not only. 
"Traian Demetrescu" House of Culture

Cinema dine-in by the pool

Chicago Pub & Events and Inspire Cinema Craiova had the sensational idea to take the people of Craiova out of the city and to bring them in a quiet place, by the pool, where they can eat, drink a glass of good wine, but especially where they can watch a movie with friends. So, instead of drive-in, they thought about dine-in, which can enchant not only the moviegoers, but especially the food lovers and the ones of tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tickets are available on the Inspire Cinema website and are purchased in blocks of four (one table), so you and your close ones can have the best cinema experience together. 
Inspire Cinema Chicago Pub & Events

Cinema at the mall

We know, there is already a cinema at the mall, but we are not talking about the indoor one, but about the terrace that the people from Electroputere Parc Mall organized for about two weeks, for the people from Craiova who want various activities and good movies. The open-air cinema was also a place to dine from the take-outs inside the mall, while watching one of the more than 30 films provided by the organizers. We hope they will come back with this idea, because it's so good to have something to do on summer nights, outdoors, especially if it involves movies! 
Electroputere Parc Mall

Cinema at the library

The team from the „Aman” Library has also thought about an open-air cinema, generically called „Movie Time”. This is part of a bigger project, „Fun in Summer”, through which the library is active in the life of Craiova’s people even in the hot season, for children and for adults too. The movies playing on Friday evenings are being announced weekly on the library’s Facebook page, and the viewings taking place in the library’s garden are open for people of all ages. 
„Aman” Library

Bonus: TNC Garden

And, if we’re talking about movies, therefore about acting, we couldn't help but remember the team from the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater in Craiova, who mobilized exemplary and set up the TNC Garden, an open-air performance hall, which the people of Craiova enjoyed to the fullest. The shows go on, so don't miss them! 
"Marin Sorescu" National Theater Tickets - "Marin Sorescu" National Theater

Foto:, /chicagopubevents, /trademro, /tncms.oficial 

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