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Clădirea Proiect, Strada Ion Maiorescu 2, Craiova, Romania


The cross-border region referred to by the project (Dolj county and the Montana region of Bulgaria) lacks a well-articulated promotion strategy to individualize it as a tourist product. Although it is sprawled with a lot of great tourist attractions and has a varied terrain, offering the possibility of practicing a wide range of forms of tourism throughout the year, Dolj County, respectively the Montana district, remain relatively unknown, and their trumps fall in the face of other regions with tradition in tourism.

Moreover, in the cross-border region targeted by the project, tourism is very little developed compared to the existing potential. That is why it is necessary to develop a common strategy for the sustainable development of the business environment in the cross-border region and to identify and promote the opportunities offered by the region through specific measures. For the sustainable economic development of the cross-border region it is necessary to promote opportunities in the area by attracting foreign investors. At the same time, it is necessary to protect natural cross-border resources and the environment in order to ensure sustainable development, through increased cooperation between all key actors in the region.

Each of the counties of the cross-border area benefits from natural and anthropogenic resources that offer a diversified touristic potential: natural parks, protected areas, natural reserves, mountains, caves of speleological interest, gorges, unpolluted rural areas, water sources, fishing and hunting, valuable historical and cultural monuments, religious buildings, and so on. These advantages should be exploited and oriented towards the development and promotion of cross-border identity.

The identified tourist objectives will not only create new and unique tourist destinations, but will also contribute to raising awareness of the rich heritage of the two countries, protecting the Danube ecosystem and creating a favorable environment for rational, sustainable tourism.

The Tourist Information Center aims to promote, in particular, the natural and cultural objectives identified in the project, as well as other tourist attractions in the county of Dolj and the Montana region.

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