#8thOfMarch. Events and gifts for the women in our lives

#8thOfMarch. Events and gifts for the women in our lives

Mother's Day or Women's Day, however you prefer to call it, is celebrated tomorrow and it’s another special occasion to thank the women in our lives for existing, be they grandmothers, mothers, sisters, colleagues or dear friends!

We have for you some suggestions of activities to which you can invite the women next to you, but also unique gifts that you can give to the people who bring you so much joy, every day! 

Handmade trinkets fair

Until tomorrow inclusive, you can choose your hand-made trinkets at the fair that takes place inside the Mercur Center, in the Starbucks area. The Bizarre Bazaar Association offers you nice little trinkets, made of various materials, created by local artisans, who put their imagination and talent to work and gave birth to some wonders! So, until March 8th at 21:00, you can find them at the location mentioned above. 

"A Masked Ball" - show of the Romanian Opera Craiova

On March 9, in the hall of the Military Circle Craiova, the people from the Craiova Romanian Opera propose an exceptional "Masked Ball"! The opera in three acts, signed by Giuseppe Verdi, starts at 19:00, and the action takes place in Boston, in the last years before the year 1700. The show is performed in Italian and has Romanian subtitles. So, here is a cultural gift that will surprise the ladies in your life!

Tickets can be purchased online, but also from the Ticket Agency of the Craiova Romanian Opera at the Polyvalent Hall. 
Bilete online Opera Română Craiova

"Queen Christina", at the Cinematheque Inspire Cinema Mercur

On March 10, that is Friday evening, in peace and relaxation, you can enjoy a golden movie right at the cinema! The "Cinematheque" project of Inspire Cinema Mercur offers us to see one of the most fascinating women in the history of Hollywood, Greta Garbo, in a golden role. Here is another unique gift you can give on the occasion of Women's Day! Tickets for the two screenings, scheduled for 19:30 and 20:00, are available at www.inspirecinema.ro. 

Inspired gifts from Cărturesți Craiova

Whether we're talking about books, decorative elements, multimedia gifts, boardgames and much more, you can find them all at Cărtureşti Craiova library, where inspiration never ends. So walk through their shelves and choose the most suitable gifts for the special people in your life! Also, products from Cărturesți are available for home delivery on the Tazz by eMag and Glovo platforms.

Give the gift of a tree!

"Adopt a tree!" is a special initiative, which comes to offer an alternative to classic gifts, but also to help reforest many areas in Romania. Some of the afforestation actions took place in Dolj (Goicea, Celaru, Bistreț, Breasta, Rojiște, Apele Vii), so if you adopt a tree as a gift for someone, you will contribute to the happiness of the person who will receive it, as well as to a cleaner and more oxygen-rich environment of our county. Thus, you will become adoptive parents of the next generations by planting the trees that bear your name, and all you have to do is go to the website below, write in the email the name of the person to whom you give the gift, your name and a short optional message, and those from "Adopt a tree!" they will send you the certificate!
Adoptă un copac

So choose what you think suits your loved one and don't forget, after this date, to celebrate them every day! ❤ 

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