Cernăteşti Kula

Cernăteşti Kula


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Cernătești 207185, Romania


Access: From Craiova, on Cernele - Breasta - Cernăteşti road, about 35 Km

The building was erected in the 18th century by the Cernăteşti boyars, with a defence goal at that time. There are some places in the building out of which you can see outdoors without anyone seeing you from outside.

The construction has been renovated several times by the local administration and since 1972 has become a museum and at the same time a historical monument, exhibiting pieces of archaeological, historical, documentary and ethnographic interest. On the main facade there are two entrances, a door with two massive oak-shaped cubicles to the staircase that climbs to the first level, and another as massive and skilfully seated of the cellar with narrow ramparts.

Traditional objects hundreds of years old can be found in the museum arranged in the Cernăteşti Kula. 
It is currently part of a restoration program run by Dolj County Council.



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