4 destinations in Dolj that you can reach through the new DoljTransport

4 destinations in Dolj that you can reach through the new DoljTransport

DoljTransport is the new site through which people traveling within the county can more easily plan their trips and visits. Visually attractive and user friendly, the site allows you to choose both the place of departure, the intermediate destination and the final destination. The races have a high frequency, so those who want to travel have the option to choose the time they want to leave. All information is available here, including a very useful map of the departure/arrival stops:

On the occasion of the launch of this platform, Discover Dolj offers you some destinations that you can easily reach, using DoljTransport to make a travel plan.

Segarcea Crown Domain - Segarcea

One of the most famous wine brands in the country, Segarcea Crown Domain has a history dating back to 1884, when the government decided to establish 12 Crown Domains. For about ten years, the "homeland of Cabernet" has been a Supplier of the Royal House of Romania, which makes this brand even more special, by crowning a work done with love and dedication to the varieties grown here. This completes with honor the approximately 400 awards obtained for both the producer and the wine. Those who want to visit the winery can do so by contacting those from the Domain, at the email address office@domeniulcoroanei.ro.

Bistreț Lake - on the territories of Bistreț and Cârna villages

Included in the Bistreț Protected Area, the lake is a real tourist attraction for this region, given the multitude of bird species that have made this place "home". We are talking, among others, about the garden woodpecker, the curly pelican, the little cormorant, the violet-blue hawk or the little gull, and most of these species are protected by national and international legislation. The locals say that here, in certain times of the year, you can see thousands of waterfowl with the naked eye. The entire site has an area of ​​over 1,900 hectares, which means the luster of water, but also wet habitats such as swamps, marshes and streams. 

"Amza Pellea" Memorial House - Băilești

Fans and lovers of a character like Nea Mărin Miliardar must come to Băilești, because here they have the opportunity to visit the Memorial House of the great actor Amza Pellea. Inaugurated in 2008, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the actor's death, the house can be visited in its entirety. The bedroom, the office, the hall and the whole house include photos, diplomas, paintings and other objects that remind the visitor of both the beloved actor and the characters who consecrated him.

The Roman camp from Răcarii de Jos - Brădești

The Roman camp from Răcarii de Jos is one of the most important archaeological sites in Oltenia and was discovered in 1879. The discoveries date from the second century, more precisely from the early Roman era, and the site has an area of ​​40,000 square meters plus the defensive system. There is also a civil settlement of 20 hectares outside the archaeological reserve. During the research, a lot of objects were found, including ceramic, numismatic material, glass objects, bronze, iron and bone, but also fragments of colossal statues or late Roman coins. The information gathered in time concluded that the Legio V Macedonica, a legion of the Roman army, was stationed here.

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