Mărtișor for all tastes, in Craiova

Mărtișor for all tastes, in Craiova

Finally, that time of the year has come when we can dream of spring, and what better harbinger to have than Mărțişorul? We have made for you a selection of events and activities that you can participate in between March 1-8, together with your loved ones, be they friends, girlfriends, mothers, sisters or daughters.

"Mărțișor ce dăruiește" - handmade fair for a noble cause

The "Life is Better with Friends" association is back again this year, with the 7th edition of "Mărțișor ce dăruiește", a campaign designed to support children from single-parent and underdeveloped families. Thus, until March 1 inclusive, at Electroputere Mall, the people from "LiBwF" are waiting for you with handmade gift, and their value will mean access to quality education for 24 children without opportunities. Information about the event, here:
Mărțisor ce dăruiește ediția a VII-a

om la lună - "Phases of the moon", at the "Oltenia" Philharmonic

The "Oltenia" Philharmonic slightly changes its niche for one evening and welcomes the people from om la lună, on the tour to promote the new album, "Phases of the Moon". Tickets for the event are available here:
om la lună │ FAZELE LUNII Lansare Album -- Craiova, 2 martie - bilete

Dan Frînculescu and Bogdan Mălăele, "Ies vorbe" on March 8

What would life be without laughter? And how could we define laughter if not through a healthy dose of stand-up comedy? That's what awaits us on March 8, when Dan Frînculescu and Bogdan Mălăele arrive in Craiova with their show "Ies vorbe". Everything will take place on the stage of the "Colibri" Theatre, and details about access can be found here:
Craiova: Stand Up Comedy cu Mălăele și Frinculescu - “Ies Vorbe"

Liszt concert, on Women's Day

Also on March 8, music lovers are invited to an evening with Liszt, Schumann and Wagner, at the "Oltenia" Philharmonic. Eva Gevorgyan (Armenia) will play the piano, together with the Symphony Orchestra of the cultural institution, under the baton of Maximilian Haberstock (Germany). Tickets can be found here:
Bilete Concert simfonic

"Băgău", a show with feminine prints, at the National Theatre

For those who prefer to disconnect and relax through the theater, we suggest you go, also on March 8, to "Băgău", a show that talks about freedom and its price, seen through the eyes of a woman who has a more unusual job. Tickets for the performance on March 8 are available here:

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