Obedeanu Church

Obedeanu Church

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Strada Pictor Oscar Obedeanu 1, Craiova 200217, Romania


Obedeanu church, being the titular saint of the "Annunciation" and of "St. Emperor Constantine and Elena ", the church was build in the first half of the eighteenth century, from 1748 to 1753, by the great priest Constantin Obedeanu. In chronological order, the foundation of Constantin Obedeanu was after the wall churches St. Ilie (1720), St. Gheorghe Vechi (1730) and St. Ioan Sebastian (1742). All other churches were made of wood.

It is the only brick church in the first half of the eighteenth century that keeps its writing from the years of its construction.
Dionysie Fotino numbered it among the eight monasteries of Craiova.

The large family of Obedeanu, has undertaken a series of clerical acts and beneficences to churches and monasteries, being at the same time one of the riches boyar families in Craiova and probably in Oltenia.

The settlement was at first a monastery and a hospital.

In 1775 the "Princely School from Obedeanu Monastery" was built here, and in 1822 the public school of Obedeanu Monastery became the "Princely School", where it was taught not only in Romanian but also in French an Greek.

Following the great earthquake of 1838, the church became "in a perfect dilapidation," as shown in a document of the time. A few years after the earthquake (1843-1844) the church is restored: the porch closes and remains with only a tower. The last radical repair was made in 1857-1858, and between 1930-1931 it was painted again inside, the windows changed and a tower was added. The buildings in the courtyard of the church were demolished in 1888-1889, building on their spots premises for primary schools for girls and boys (Obedeanu School).

According to Pr. Drd. Ioan Ioanicescu, of everything that was once Obedeanu, today only the church and a part of the wall surrounding the school on the sides of the west and north, can be seen.


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