Our Amza is reborn! The Memorial House in Băilești, reopened to the public, after a large-scale show-event

Our Amza is reborn! The Memorial House in Băilești, reopened to the public, after a large-scale show-event

We are proud to be people of Dolj, and part of our pride is the appreciation of what we will have forever.

Beyond that, we are lucky enough that Amza Pellea, a wonderful actor and, above all, an extraordinary man, was born on our lands. And our duty – beyond pride – is to preserve his legacy. Part of this heritage, and it is not a small one at all, is the very memorial house of the actor, taken over by the Dolj County Council and included in a rehabilitation process, so that everyone who wants to know our Mr. Amza, a golden actor of the Romanian theatre, to be able to do it. 

But first, right on the threshold of his birth date, on April 6, the Dolj County Council organizes a show-event, "In memoriam Amza Pellea", symbolically, at the National Theatre "Marin Sorescu". Everything will take place from 19:30 and prominent names of Romanian culture will be present at the event: the actor's daughter, Oana Pellea, Rodica Mandache, Victor Rebengiuc, Marius Tucă, the presenter being Mircea Rusu, the director of the National Theatre in Bucharest. At the same time, the Symphony Orchestra of the "Oltenia" Philharmonic will perform arias from the soundtracks of some films in which Amza Pellea played, the famous naist Nicolae Voiculeț also participating in the event. The event will also be followed by a screening dedicated to the actor, on the Craiova National Theater building, and invitations for this show can be picked up from the Theatre Agency.

And the next day, on April 7, on the actor's birthday, the inauguration of the memorial house in Băilești will take place. In the evening, therefore, from 8:00 p.m., we will meet at the revived "Amza Pellea" Memorial House, so that later, in the Youth Park in Băilești, we will all see Amza in "Nea Mărin miliardar".

The pages of history tell us about the "Amza Pellea" Memorial House that it was built in 1908 and that it is an architectural monument characteristic of the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to the dedication of the specialists from the Oltenia Museum, an exhibition was arranged inside the memorial house in memory of the great actor Amza Pellea. One of the halls will be dedicated to the man - Amza Pellea. Here will be exhibited family photos, baptism certificate, personal items such as gold diamond ring, silver pocket watch, sunglasses, pipe. Also, visitors will be able to admire a panoply of weapons-props, used by Amza Pellea in films such as "Dacians" or "Mihai Viteazul". At the same time, the award won by Amza Pellea at the Moscow International Film Festival, for the performance in the film "Osânda", the medal "Golden promotion jubilee of the Romanian theater 1956-2006" and the Gold Plaque awarded post mortem to Amza will be exhibited Pellea of the Union of Film Authors and Producers from Romania, in 1998.

The second room will be dedicated to the actor - Amza Pellea, and will display movie posters such as: "Nea Mărin miliardar", "Atunci i-am condamnat pe toți la moarte", "Mihai Viteazul", "Puterea și adevărul", "Nea Mărin's" first hat, photos and documents illustrating the rich artistic activity of the great actor.

In just a few days, we will complete our history! See you at the theater and in our dear Băilești!

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