Welcome! What makes Dolj perfect and simple?

Welcome! What makes Dolj perfect and simple?

Welcome to discoverdolj.ro, the tourism portal of Dolj county! We would like to start with a few words about us and about what makes us, the people from Dolj, perfect and simple, as the Romanian verbal tense that comes from this places says.

Dolj, part of the historical region Oltenia, is a county that reborns with every day that passes, and this can be seen with the naked eye. The spreaded plains, with fruitful soil, make this area an abundant one, which gives the people and households of the place a one of a kind vibe. Our people from Dolj are warm, hospitable, eager to communicate, at the same time not putting work aside. We are not in a rush, but effective, we don't have a fierce speech, but we're honest and without concealment. And what we promise, that's what we do! And we bet that if you decide to come to Dolj – and you will do so – you won't regret it.

The lands washed by the Jiu river and also by the Danube – although „if we didn't have a Danube, we would make one from Jiu” – have raised, with time, settlements and areas that are excelent to visit, which the people that love these lands have never hesitated to adorn as they know best. With Craiova as a bastion and development field, Dolj writes its story every day, from the hands of the women that weave, from the arms of the men that plow the land, from the childrens' games, but also from the bustle of the big cities, that carry with themselves a story as beautiful as it can be.

The area has known, in the last years, a major growth thanks to the investments made here. The industry has also grown, when companies have understood that they can find here the workforce they need and the proper conditions to open their factories. The Americans from Ford have, in Craiova, a second home, managing to build around them, alongside modern cars, one big family. A thing that is being done, at the same time, by the other companies that have found their home here.

Although the natural landscapes aren't that present, because of the climate and of the plain area, the county compensates with a lot of other riches. The vast forests, the protected reservations, the historical monuments, the shores sculpted by the Danube, the ports, the old churches that have known tears and also joy, the museums, the entertainment, along with all the people that surround all these, make Dolj the heart of our dear Oltenia. Here is our blood and our life, here are Mihai Viteazul, Nea Mărin, Macedonski, Brâncuși, the Maiorescus, Sorescu, Titulescu, Tudor Gheorghe, Oblemenco, here are all those who left something behind them. Here are the steps they built us with and the paths they walked on to lift us.

As them, go on these paths. Come to Dolj and go all over the place, because that's the only way you can feel the energy of the place and all that it has to offer: from the foods that make your mouth water, from the simple people all over the county, each with his story, to the energy of the capital that is Craiova, which combines evolution with tradition, in a way that few cities do.

So pack up your bag and come visit us. Only this way you will be able to say „been there, done that!”.

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