#HistoryReborn. The Dolj towers in Brabova and Cernătești, soon open to the public

#HistoryReborn. The Dolj towers in Brabova and Cernătești, soon open to the public

We have great news: the time has come for history to reclaim its rights and return to the present! 

What we are trying to tell you is that, after years of efforts and restorations, two towers (18th century semi fortified constructions) in Dolj, which were in an advanced state of decay, will be able to be visited, and their story will no longer remain a secret for the people of Dolj, nor for the tourists who come to us in the county. On the contrary, it will be told with pride and peace of mind that it has not been left to perish under the mists of time.

The towers of Izvoranu-Geblescu (Brabova commune) and Cernăteștilor (Cernătești commune), both semi-fortified constructions, used by people in the past for defence and observation, have regained their former fragrance and unique charm. Thanks to the European funds accessed by the Dolj County Council, they were restored, consolidated, equipped with the necessary things and transformed into museums, then ready to enter the museum circuit, this care falling to the specialists from the Oltenia Museum.

In their essence, these towers were the dwellings of the boyars, erected to defend the property and the lives of the members of their families against the invasions undertaken by intruders. In addition to this function, they also offered a perspective from above, from where the owners could more easily observe what was happening on their estate.

Today, they will serve another purpose: the knowledge of their history, the people around them, the customs and the communities in which they are located. The specific oltenian architectural jewelry now has the chance to highlight both the localities they come from and also the entire county, completing an extremely rich tourist circuit.

It's not long - take our word for it, it's very little - until each of us can see them, and not just from a distance, but visit them as they were designed and thought of as spaces exhibitions, by the most skilled specialists that our county has.

We are also counting the days until we gather around these wonderful buildings and say, with all our hearts, that we are indeed a county that loves its history and does not let it perish.

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