#RewritingHistory. The old towers of Dolj, given back to the whole world

#RewritingHistory. The old towers of Dolj, given back to the whole world

History has an important role in the present only if it is refreshed and brought back before the world so that it appeals and tells its own story. And that can only be done by people who really care about the place they live in, with all its facets and implications.

This is what also happened with the two remaining old tower buildings („cule” – in Romanian) in Dolj county, Cula Cernăteștilor and Cula Izvoranu-Geblescu, from Cernătești and Brabova communes, which were inaugurated at the end of last week. Thanks to the years-long efforts of the Dolj County Council, in partnership with the Brabova and Cernătești City Halls, and with the constant support of the specialists from the Oltenia Museum in Craiova, the two historic buildings have regained the antique flavour they deserved and were transformed in museums. 

Thus, the two new points of interest, rehabilitated with the help of European funds, and for which the authorities want to be listed in the UNESCO heritage, will once again become places of meeting, of knowledge and, we hope, places that will revitalize the village life of Dolj.
Cula Cernăteștilor - Muzeul Olteniei Cula Izvoranu Geblescu - Brabova Dolj - Muzeul Olteniei

Significant and impactful constructions for the end of the 18th century - the beginning of the 19th century, the two towers can therefore be visited from September 16, and all those who want to know them, learn their stories and, alongside them, Romanian and Oltenian traditions, are expected to do so.

Visiting hours for the two towers are from Tuesday to Sunday, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and the visitors have a free entrance until the end of the year.

Towards the end, we invite you to do an exercise of imagination: how would it be, in the heart of the villages of Dolj, to have places where we can gather, tell stories and write history ourselves? Well, now, all these things are possible and we should not wait another second to do it.

As we have always learned over the years, such unique projects in Romania are born around people with ideas and initiative, who love the lands they walk on and who do not want to forget their history. We are facing a truth that we knew, but which, now, is more and more palpable: that, yes, certainly, there is so much love in and for this county that we could lend it to others.

Exactly as the Cernătescu, Geblescu and Izvoranu boyars would have wanted, as if in an arch over time: the semi-fortified houses where they lived and protected their lands to become, now, a place that unites and fortifies love for the fertile lands, for every man in the community and for our dearest Dolj.

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