#TheWonderfulCounty. Păpădia Village, the fairytale place in the heart of Dolj

For several years, we have begun to rediscover different places, unique and with a new breath, which transpose us into another universe. This is also the case of a new concept that was born in Dolj County, more precisely in Perișor village. Păpădia (Dandelion) Village, as its name suggests, is as delicate as it is gorgeous, a breath of fresh air in the local landscape and definitely a place where your events and more will be woven with the gorgeous thread of nature's love.
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Created by people for people, as those who concievede it say, Păpădia Village is truly a fairytale place, located only 30 kilometers from Craiova, and the team behind the location managed to reinvent the idea of spending your free time.

So, for a few weeks now, we have had a real gem in the county that has unique food, lovingly cooked from local ingredients, accommodation in a dream landscape, swimming pool and an atmosphere taken as if from a story. And when all this is full of dear and good people, there is nothing that can come out but something extraordinary.

Already with a few active events, already open to anyone who wants to cross its threshold, Păpădia Village will certainly soon become a place where those who appreciate simplicity, good taste and tranquility, but especially originality, will have the time of their lives.

We need such places as air, spaces in which to escape and in which we can feel, even for a few hours, on vacation. Discover Dolj always tries to find those places and recommend them to you, so that you know and say further that really original and wonderful things happen in our county as well.

Go to Păpădia Village and try that aroma of simple life, which flows by itself, undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. If you know similar places in the county, we expect you to write to us on the Facebook page Discover Dolj, to pass on the information about the most beautiful places in Dolj.

Photo: facebook.com/papadiavillage, facebook.com/florinstefan.ro

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