The 7ARTS project was born at Breasta cellar belonging to the boyar and politician Constantin Argetoianu. The plantation was renewed in 2009, the old cellar was totally refurbished and newly equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

An inheritance that would probably be lost in everyday’s indifference, a place that certainly would not have retained its identity if we had not made that decision - in 2009 we brought back to life an old vineyard belonging to Constantin Argetoianu, local landlord and politician. We rebuilt the old cellar founded at the beginning of the 19th century and so we re-established on the Romanian map the “Banu Maracine” trademark.

In order to obtain high quality we use only the grapes from our own plantation, we have very low yields, we harvest only in small boxes, we are sorting the grapes both during harvesting and prior to harvesting, we use the latest technology in wine making and last but not least for the red wines we use exclusively Romanian oak barrels.

7 years after replanting we launched the wines under the 7ARTS brands. For the wine labels we have chosen the artist Angela Szabo's paintings because we can say that it reflects the content in the bottles: fantasy, complexity, color, expressiveness.

We strongly believe in the unique character, the quality and the joy that our wines are offering you!

Location with long established tradition in Oltenia Hills, DOC Banu Maracine

The vineyard is located in the wine region Oltenia Hills, located 44.3550 N, 23.6810E, on a land with slopes of 10 to 30% and the maximum altitude of 600m. The vineyard rows are disposed from North to South, enjoying full sun throughout the day. The base soil consists of clays, marls and levantine sands, making it ideal for grapes and wines of premium quality.

The surface of 30 hectares are cultivated as follows: at the hill base there are the white varieties of White Feteasca (Feteasca Alba), Sauvignon Blanc, Romanian Tamaioasa (Tamaioasa Romaneasca) and as the slope grows, we find the red varieties of Syrah, Feteasca Neagra, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The varieties grown on the high hill close to the Breasta wine cellar are: Fetească Albă, Sauvignon Blanc, Tămăioasă Românească, Merlot, Fetească Neagră, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. In order to fully control the quality, our oenologists use exclusively grapes from our own vineyard and production, picked up manually. Although created in a modern style, 7ARTS wines preserve, and even conserve, the specifics of the region and the harvesting year.

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