How we celebrate the National Culture Day

How we celebrate the National Culture Day

National Culture Day is approaching, celebrated annually since 2011, on January 15, the date of birth of the great romanian poet Mihai Eminescu. On this occasion, we propose to celebrate, each of us, by participating in the cultural events in the city, which are more than welcome in the first weeks of the new year. 

Those from the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater offer us, on January 15th, the play "The Snake's Outfit", a "poeticoregraphic" show based on Marius Aldea's lyrics, lyrics that take the pulse of our times, of the ways in which the individual seeks usefulness in the world constrained by the pressures characteristic of each age. In the following days, on the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of January, the play "Oedipus the King" will be performed, and those of you who have not seen it before, you would do well to go and watch it, because it is totally worth it!

At the "Oltenia" Philharmonic we even have an extraordinary concert, held on the occasion of the National Culture Day. Special guests are those from the Symbol Choir - "Jean Lupu", and together with the "Oltenia" Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Bogdan Botezatu, they will bring "Music for children in Romanian film" closer to the audience's soul. Everything takes place on Friday, January 13, from 19:00, at the headquarters of the cultural institution. 
Filarmonica Oltenia - bilete online

Even those who appreciate the puppet theater are not left out, during the weekend of January 14-15, two plays are scheduled, "Pic" and "Baba's Girl and Old Woman's Girl". Therefore, the Theater for Children and Youth "Colibri" invites you to the magical world of stories, where we are sure that you will relive certain feelings and enjoy the child in you again, together with the little ones in your life. Tickets are available at the Theater Agency, which has the following schedule: Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.; Sunday 10:00 – 1:00 pm. 

The Romanian Opera Craiova offers us, in turn, a show called "Revedere", which has Eugen Doga as a special guest. Everything will take place on the stage of the "Oltenia" Philharmonic, on January 16, starting at 19:00. Tickets are available online, but also at the Opera ticket agency at the Craiova Polyvalent Hall. 
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At the same time, for January 15th, those from the "Traian Demetrescu" Cultural House have prepared a recital that brings the correspondence between Mihai Eminescu and Veronica Micle into a performative form. The event will take place at the Vollard Gallery of TraDem House, starting at 19:00, in the reading of the actors Mirela Dișa and Viva, accompanied on the piano by Alex Gabriel. 

Of course, we cannot talk about culture without crossing the threshold of the museums in Craiova, the Oltenia Museum with its three sections, the Art Museum and the "Constantin Brâncusi" Center. Speaking of the Art Museum, there you can visit the exhibition "An almost happy world", signed by Aurel Vlad, one of the most important contemporary Romanian artists. The exhibition is open to the public until February 24, 2023 and is concentrated in approximately 20 works that express human essence and sincerity. 

Craiova's cultural menu is varied, so we're sure that whatever you choose to do, you'll like it! 

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