Cănciulescu House

Cănciulescu House

Monument / Architectural attraction


Casa Cănciulescu, Strada Simion Bărnuțiu 2, Craiova 200382, România


It is a historical monument of local value, that belonged to Dr. Mihai Cănciulescu, one of the representative figures of the Oltenian medical community in Romania during the interwar period.

It is located at the intersection of Simion Bărnuţiu Street and January 24 Street, opposite of the "Sf. Archangels Mihail and Gavriil" Church.

Cănciulescu House has a three-level height regime (basement, ground floor and attic) and an internal courtyard enclosed by a cement and iron fence. On the exterior of the house there is the richly ornamented decoration around the windows and cornices, with decorative plaster, the sheet metal roof with windows and skylights and the main entrance covered with an awning.

Photo source: monumenteoltenia.ro, gds.ro

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