N. T. Popp House

N. T. Popp House

Monument / Architectural attraction


Strada Brândușa 2, Craiova, România


Here he lived the prefect of Dolj county (1914-1915) and then mayor of Craiova (1919), Constantin N. Popp (1877-1958), together with his wife, Antoaneta, who is descended from two of the great boyar families of Oltenia, Brăiloiu (after her father) and Glogoveanu (after her mother). The house will remain to their daughter, Veronica, married to Ion Caletzeanu.
The Art-Nouveau-style house was built in 1875, number that is carved above the entrance. It is believed that the man who built the house was the father of Costică Popp, the banker Nae T. Popp (1848-1920), born in the suburb of Old St. George, Frăţia Street (today Petre Carp Street). In the absence of documents certifying this fact, this statement remains merely a hypothesis.
The building had a ground floor and an upper floor. The walls of the ground floor rooms were gilded with golden Cordoba leather, and the ceilings were painted with scenes that matched the rooms’ purposes. In the back there was a small building where the kitchen and pantry were located, and at the back of the courtyard were stables, warehouses and staff accommodation rooms, next to which were flowers and grass. Next door was the "old house" bought by N.T. Popp from the Bengescu family, a house described by Al. Kiriţescu in the play "Gaiţele" (”The Jays”).

In Nicolae Popp's house, after August 23, 1944, the Military Tribunal was established and the family members were forced to move to the old house where they lived until the summer of 1948 when they were evicted even from there.

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