National Bank of Romania, Dolj Branch

National Bank of Romania, Dolj Branch

Monument / Architectural attraction


Calea Unirii 6, Craiova 200585, România


The Dolj branch of the National Bank of Romania is housed in a historical monument of local interest, located in the center of Craiova, on Calea Unirii, at no. 6. The building is located near Constantin Vălimărescu House and opposite to the Evangelical Church.
The building, dating from the end of the 19th century (1887-1888), was built to serve as the office of the county branch of the National Bank of Romania (BNR), an institution founded in 1880. The development of the fabric of BNR agencies began in 1891 and ended throughout the entire country in 1900, triggering a massive expansion of the Romanian banking movement.
Returning to the headquarters of the Dolj branch of the BNR, the building is distinguished by the architectural style specific to the late 19th century, which combines European eclecticism and neoclassicism with Art Deco influences (neoclassical style, late baroque and freely interpreted French style). Responsible for the construction of the building were entrepreneurs Dimitrie Nedelcu and Domenico Costa, those who had already built the headquarters of the Galaţi branch of the institution during 1885-1886. Nedelcu had also taken part in the construction of the Casino Minerva Hotel and Carol I High School in Craiova, while Costa had built the Stock Exchange Palace (currently the National Library) and the Parliament Palace (currently the Patriarchal Palace) in Bucharest. Set on a single floor, the brick and carved stone building impresses with its total area (1,500 sqm), the height of the rooms (the central lobby has a height of 7 m) and the grandeur of the interior decorations (doors, windows, chandeliers, furniture, mosaics). In the basement there is the Bank's Treasury, which has long been used as a cash desk.
The building houses the same institution as it did 125 years ago, the Dolj branch of the National Bank of Romania. Apart from the administrative offices and the management of the institution, there is also an office of the National Agency for Consumer Protection and the Bank Inspection Service of the branch.


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