Special protection area Maglavit

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Comuna Maglavit, România


The special protection area Maglavit is located in Dolj county, within the towns of Cetate, Maglavit and Calafat.
The area is 3562.6 ha.
The hydrographic network is represented by a Danube river sector, the lakes: Basarabi, Golenti, Maglavit, Hunia, Moreni and Fântâna Banului, along with several temporary lakes and marshy areas.
These lakes are natural, developed in the low slopes of the meadow, having a large surface and a small depth, being used for irrigation and pisciculture. Their connection with the Danube is still preserved, the water supply being made directly from the river.
The Special Protection Area Maglavit partially overlaps with the protected nature area of the Danube at Garla Mare-Maglavit, including the nature reserve Pajiştea Cetate.
It was declared as an Avifaunistic Special Protection Area by the Government Decision no. 1284/2007 for the conservation of 36 bird species. The location of the Special Protection Area Maglavit on a very important migration route linking the Pannonian Plain and the Balkan Peninsula - Bulgaria - Bosphorus, explains the great number of species that can be seen in this area during the spring and autumn passages. The most significant ones are the bully, the small cormorant, the small egret and the night bird. Extensive in terms of species diversity is the passage of ducks and shore birds, from which many species can be observed.

Source: http://ananp.gov.ro/ananp/2017/09/25/maglavit/
Photo Source: www.ariamaglavit.ro

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