#TouristsCircuit. What an important objective wil be added to the old fortresses in Brabova and Cernătești

The heritage of Dolj County is extremely rich, and it will be completed, in the next period, by a new point of interest. Dolj County Council took over the administration of a building in the village of Rasnicu Oghian, in the commune of Cernătești, so that, in collaboration with the local authorities, it could develop an entire ethnographic complex on this site.

The Săulescu Mansion, more precisely, is to be restored, equipped and transformed into a tourist center, and in its vicinity will be created a village museum with a significant interactive and educational component, the steps being provided with funding from grants. The building is one with a special architecture, but also with a unique history, being housed here, during the Second World War, the treasure of the Bucharest City Hall. In addition, it is surrounded by a park with a generous expanse, which recommends it for the intentions of the Dolj County Council to set up an interactive museum of the village.

This objective comes to complete an extremely rich and important tourist circuit, which also includes the fortified buildings from Brabova and Cernătești, whose rehabilitation works have been completed. They are now in a full process of endowment, to be transformed into museum attractions, of tourist and cultural interest. The investments in the two objectives have a cumulative value of approximately one million euros.

In addition to these two important historical buildings rehabilitated by the Dolj County Council, as tourist attractions there is also the one from Almăj in Dolj County, the Roman camp from Răcarii de Jos or nature reserves or protected areas such as Pajiștea Gogoșu - Ștefănel, Pădurea Galbenă Ștefănel - Gogoșu and Peony Glade, from Plenița Forest. All these will be included in a tourist circuit of the county, more than welcome for the inhabitants of Dolj, but also for those who will visit our county.

Green transport for tourists and more

In addition to all these investments, all the tourist objectives in the county, located on a North-South axis, will be included in a circuit for cycling. The unique investment will cover almost 100 kilometers and will be a different way to get to know the county, by discovering architectural, cultural and gastronomic values. 

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