#SummerBegins. What events await us in September?

#SummerBegins. What events await us in September?

We have a September full of events in Dolj county and we are glad that they are to everyone's taste, regardless of preferences, in different locations, with a very rich cultural offer. 

The start will be given with a special event, in its second edition in Dolj county, namely the "Balloon Adventure" Festival. It will take place between September 1 and 3, at Geormane Lake, in the Bratovoești village, where participants will be able to enjoy hot air balloon flights, local hospitality, the beauty of our county's surroundings, but also the good mood of Oltenian people. You can find more details on the event's Facebook page.
Aventura baloanelor - facebook Festivalul baloanelor cu aer cald Aventura baloanelor, ediția a II-a

If you prefer to stay in the city during the period mentioned above, we would like to inform you that between September 1 and 3, we will be part of the Garden of Arts, a project organized by the "Traian Demetrescu" House of Culture. As the organizers of this event say, you are expected to plant seeds in an arts garden for theater, dance, music, poetry, film and visual arts. The program is coming soon on Facebook!
Casa de Cultură Traian Demetrescu - facebook

Music makes our souls happy, and the people from the "Oltenia" Philharmonic know this very well! That's why the Craiova Jazz Festival, in its seventh edition, returns this year between September 6-7 and 9-10 to offer us exceptional musical moments and spectacular experiences. The event will take place both in the "Nicolae Romanescu" Park and at the headquarters of the cultural institution, and tickets are available both at the philharmonic agency and by accessing the link below.
CRAIOVA JAZZ FEST - bilete Craiova Jazz Festival- facebook

The award-winning festival in 2021 at the Romanian Youth Gala, "Culture" section, returns this year to Craiova. InstaCraiova, as the festival is called, is in its eighth edition and will mean, as every year since 2016, the gathering under one name of visual arts and Instagram enthusiasts. Everything will take place between September 8 and 10, in the "Nicolae Romanescu" Park in Craiova, in the Summer Theater area. Stay tuned to the official event page for program details!
InstaCraiova - facebook InstaCraiova, The Festival - Ediția a VIII - a

Also between September 8 and 10, "Mihai Viteazul" Square in Craiova will smell of lavender, at Lavanda Fest. After the success of the event last year, here again the organizers decided to stop in Craiova, to delight everyone's senses. We will have everything lavender producers and creative artisans can offer us, who come with all kinds of surprises: sweets, artisan goodies, handmade cosmetics and much more. There will also be workshops for small children, but also for adults.
Lavanda Fest Oficial - facebook Lavanda Fest - Craiova 2023

Dance has always been a form of non-verbal communication that has managed to move things, change mindsets and, most importantly, convey feelings. This is what awaits us, between September 14 and 17, during the CONNECT Contemporary Dance Festival, which will take over several areas of Craiova, both conventional and unconventional spaces. The complete program, as well as details about the festival and its events, can be consulted at the links below.
Festivalul de Dans Contemporan Connect | Craiova, ediția a II-a | 14-17 septembrie Festivalul de Dans Contemporan Connect - facebook

In addition to everything mentioned above, we also tell you that the month of September is full of concerts at Play Café-Theater.  Iris, Vița de Vie, Semnal M, Cargo or Taxi are just some of the bands waiting for you at Cafe-Teatru Play in the coming period. Document yourself and choose what you like right from the official page of the organizers!
Cafe-Teatru Play - facebook

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