Night of Museums, on the 14th of May, in Craiova

Celebrated throughout Europe this year, on May 14, Night of Museums is a successful event that is in its 18th edition in 2022.

Museums in Craiova, as well as the „Colibri” Theater have joined this initiative and will open their doors in the evening and at night for the curious who want to discover new and unique things.

Here's what they're preparing for the magical evening of May 14: 

Craiova Art Museum - "Craiova personalities" - 15.00 - 22.30

The exhibition "Personalities from Craiova" brings to the attention of the inhabitants of the city the portraits of those who made it possible to talk about a real artistic, economic and lawful life in the capital of Oltenia.
Muzeul de Artă - facebook

Oltenia Museum

The Oltenia Museum also participates in the Night of Museums with three exhibitions that will surely be to the liking of the public. We’re talking about the temporary exhibition "Through the lenses of time", which will be opened at the Department of History-Archeology on May 14, at 19:00. The public will be able to view the 82 most important binoculars from the museum's collection, including theater, cavalry, infantry or navy binoculars. At the same time, one day before the Night of Museums, the Oltenia Museum opens two other interesting exhibitions: "Tiles and stamped bricks from the Roman camp from Slăveni, Olt County" (History-Archeology Section, May 13, 12:00) and the 11th edition of the Regional Photography Salon for High School Students “Oltenia in pictures” (Etnography Section, May 13, 13:00). Both exhibitions can be visited on May 14, starting at 19:00.
Muzeul Olteniei - facebook

Colibri Theater - "Memory of the puppets played" - 19:00 - 01:00

The event will put in the spotlight, on music mixed by DJ, the spectacular meeting of children, teenagers and young people with dolls who tell them stories at the theater. The "Colibri" building will be transformed into an interactive space for the public, in which each room will tell a story inspired by the past and present of the theater, with elements of directing, script, music, scenography. The journey through the interiors of the theater will then continue with surprises at every step, with creative games and workshops. "Memory of the puppets played" highlights the heritage collection that includes dolls, scenographic elements and documents from the establishment of the institution until now.
Teatrul Colibri - facebook

We invite you all to take part in this event and more; a visit to museums or to the theater or library is always welcome!

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