A Merry Christmas together! What have you learned this year?

Perhaps one of the most important things we learned in a new pandemic year was to stay together and put our hands together, with everything we have, to get through it all.

Christmas in Craiova is, again, special, with the Christmas Fair which was chosen among the most beautiful markets of this kind in all of Europe. With many activities, with houses full of sweets and goodies, handmade objects, but also with a skating rink more than welcome, we can say that we have a Christmas as we wanted it, right in the heart of the city.

In addition to the material things we always have at our disposal, we want to tell you what we have learned over the years from the experiences we have presented to you here at Discover Dolj. 

We learned to do good

The Canine Shelter in Craiova taught us to love unconditionally and to bring joy to those whose existence depends only on our will. Through their adoption and information campaigns and by presenting the fur babies at the football matches of Universitatea Craiova, we thank them for teaching us, maybe with tears in our eyes, to do well.

We have learned to appreciate our past

The people from the Dolj County Council and the “Alexandru and Aristia Aman” County Library, together with all those who led the rebirth of the Dianu House, taught us to appreciate our past at its true value and to believe in projects that, even if they seem impossible, they are closer to reality than we thought. The Museum of the Romanian Book and Exile is getting closer and closer to the opening, and we are more than happy that another architectural gem has come to light, in Craiova and Dolj.

We (re)learned to be children

Street Delivery Craiova and Puppets Occupy Street taught us to be children again, through their editions this year, some extraordinary ones, Leapșa and Dystopia. We played, we enjoyed and we felt, young or old, the emotion of being children and enjoying the simplest things.

We have learned to make Heaven out of what we have

With the opening of a new location in the countryside, Păpădia Village in Perișor commune, we learned to make Heaven from what we have and we convinced ourselves, once again, that where there is will, desire and love, wonderful places can be born; and they bring maximum joy! And, most of the time, it is found in simplicity and naturalness.

We have learned to take the initiative

The people at ieNou Hub taught us to build our own "playground" if we don't already have one, and they did it successfully, managing to set up an unconventional space for "exploitation" of the arts in the most beautiful ways.

Last but not least, we learned to...

... To succeed together. We were glad to see many people at the vaccination marathon organized this year in Craiova, so inevitably we had a good sense of success. We have seen that where many people gather, the power really increases and we can accomplish wonderful things together.

What have you learned this year? And what makes Christmas really happy for you?

The Discover Dolj team wishes you to have only good things to learn this year and to have a table full not necessarily of food, but surrounded with good feelings and loved ones.

Merry Christmas, our dear readers!

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