#Relax. Where can we get rid of the congestion in the city

Easter is over, as are the holidays, but that doesn't mean we can't make weekend plans in quiet places or with activities to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We have thought of a few leisure options for you that will bring you peace and relaxation. 

A picnic on the shores of Lake Fântânele

We remind you of this extremely quiet place that we told you about before and we tell you that it is the ideal place for a sunny day spent at a picnic with your loved ones, ready to recharge your batteries with sun, peace and fresh air.
Lacul Fântânele, locul de vis în care poți să fugi de oraș

A bike ride through Dolj

If you are passionate about cycling and nature, then you will surely find joy in a bike ride through the county. At Discover Dolj you have several cycling routes that will help you organize and also choose the most suitable destination for you.
Trasee bicicletă

A walk to watch the tulips in the "Romanescu" Park

With the warm season, the flowers in the parks and gardens began to open up and offer a special landscape to the viewer. This is also the case of the “Romanescu” Park, where the tulips have started to bloom and offer an unmissable visual spectacle. 

A trip to the wineries and vineyards in the county

Those who love life also love wine, that's clear, and when the two come together, something perfect comes out. For when you have free time and are looking for another kind of peace, we advise you to get in the car and go on a journey to the wineries in the county. The map and destinations are provided by Discover Dolj, so all you have to do is choose a day and go on the Dolj wine route.
Turul cramelor și podgoriilor

A tour of churches and monasteries

Also a tour of the most beautiful churches is available on Discover Dolj. So, if you prefer ecumenical tourism, you will surely be delighted with the choice made. A list of the most beautiful churches and monasteries can be found in the link below.
Traseu ecumenic

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