#ToSee. Places in Dolj that take your breath away

Dolj is a beautiful county that knows how to protect its most precious things. We thought of presenting you, today, some areas of interest that make our county an extremely precious one, but also very good to visit.

Not to mention, we tell you that we have four areas of community interest and eight areas of aqua fauna interest, and in the over 200,000 hectares live important species of birds, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates and mammals that need our care, of the people. Here are some of them that will surely take your breath away if you get to see them.

Lake Bistreț

It is located in the south of Dolj County, on the territory of Bistreţ and Cârna communes, and during a year, the lake hosts hundreds or even thousands of birds. Its generous area of ​​1,936 hectares is a reference site for the protection of migratory birds: ducks, geese, cormorants, pelicans, cormorants, herons, egrets, storks, seagulls, terns and terns.

Ornithological reservation Ciuperceni - Desa

The Ciuperceni-Desa natural area is located in the floodplain of the Danube Meadow and is an ornithological reservation of approximately 200 hectares. Also here is the Ciurumela Forest where there are huge acacias whose diameters reach 70-80 cm and heights of up to 35 meters. Among the birds present in this site are the white stork, the black stork (Ciconia nigra), the little egret (Egretta garzetta), the bully (Philomachus pugnax), the red heron (Ardea purpurea), the redstart (Himantopus himantopus), the gypsy falcon. The Ciuperceni-Desa site is undisturbed and is the only place that has remained so from the Danube Meadow.

Zăval Forest

Zăval Forest is a protected area of ​​botanical interest, which concentrates inside several species of oak, ash and elm, but also poplars. The forest is crossed by several water channels that have a temporary status. The ashes and oaks from Zăval Forest are estimated to be over 80 years old. Towards the central area of ​​the forest, a colony of gray herons made here its home.

Preajba - Făcăi lake complex

It was declared a protected area in 2000, and the reason is simple: on the 28 hectares on which there are lakes, swamps, streams, alluvial forests, sand dunes, arable land, meadows, but also a wide variety of flora and fauna specific to wetlands, birds, mammals and reptiles. The ecological peculiarity of the area consists in the fact that in a relatively limited geographical area, a diversity of continental aquatic ecosystems are grouped: springs, streams, rivers, lakes and swamps. Each of them imprints characteristics specific to biocenoses and plant and animal populations.

All the protected areas and natural atractions from Dolj are waiting for you on our website.
Arii protejate și atracții naturale din Dolj

Enjoy visiting them!

 Photo: discoverdolj.ro 

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