The "Constantin Brâncuși" center opens its doors on September 15. See what's inside here!

The "Constantin Brâncuși" center opens its doors on September 15. See what's inside here!

The "Constantin Brâncuși" Center, a construction unique in the world, a dream come true of the county administration, but also of the architect Dorin Ștefan, who conceived it as something grand and unparalleled, will open its doors to visitors on September 15.

The unprecedented project comes before the people of Craiova, the people of Dolj and all visitors through an avant-garde aspect, the architect Dorin Ștefan being inspired by a sketch made by Constantin Brâncuși for the "Temple of Meditation", a monument designed by him at the request of a maharajah who wanted to build a mausoleum dedicated to the memory of his wife.

Thus, the glass construction, 12 meters high, made up of 23 slats and glass walls weighing over 200 tons, has a generous underground space that will contain several surprises for visitors.

We give you just a few hints:
  • a place designed as an artistic cafe, where you can enjoy a hot drink while looking around the exhibition space;
  • a mini cinema where films about Brâncusi's life can be watched;
  • 3D plasmas with Brâncusi's works located in the Art Museum;
  • a chronology that documents Brâncusi's evolution from Hobita to Paris;
  • beams brought by V. G. Paleolog from Brâncusi's workshop in Paris
and more. 

With the inauguration on September 15, Craiova and Dolj add an international tourist product to their map that will certainly bring a lot of tourists to this area, especially in the context of its proximity to the Art Museum.

Thus, only 2 weeks separate us from the event that promises to be one that everyone has been waiting for, after so many years in which the most skilled in the field of this kind of work contributed and managed to raise a dream of an entire community.

Stay with Discover Dolj next week as well, for an exclusive interview with Cosmin Vasile, president of Dolj County Council, about this project and what it means for our community.

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