The Craiova-Cetate road, close to completion. Bicycle paths and many places to visit, on a new road

For those who want to visit Dolj County, it will be much easier from now on, given that the rehabilitation of the Craiova-Cetate county road is almost complete. The investment of about 50 million euros comes in support of both citizens and investors, but also of visitors who will reach the southwest of the county much easier.

Excellent news also comes for cyclists in the county, who will find it much easier to make the necessary trips or visit the county differently than by car, given that on this road there will be tracks for cyclists, namely 21,2 kilometers of such routes.

„With the completion of the 3.3 kilometers of road in the built-up area of ​​Caraula, the asphalting operation ends with the first layer on the entire distance between Râpa Roșie and Cetate, and the wear layer will be poured in the spring of next year. In the next period, the works for the arrangement of sidewalks and bicycle tracks in Vârtop, Caraula and Cetate localities will continue. On the first section of the road, the works on the bridge over the Jiu River in Bucovăț commune continue, but also in the built-up areas of Bucovăț and Terpezița communes, the road structure and the execution of sidewalks and roadways ", as stated by the president of Dolj County Council, Cosmin Vasile.

Within the project, nine more bridges and 31 bridges were modernized, but another 11 bridges were built from scratch. Thus, all these works make DJ Craiova - Cetate a well-deserved investment for the county.

Of course, in life, travel is very important, especially if it is made on a good road, but we say that the destination is also something you cannot ignore. 

So, with the completion of this road, you will have the opportunity to visit easier and more comfortable places like the Cetate Cultural Port, the beautiful banks of the Danube, the beautiful Barbu Drugă mansion or other attractions you can find on the road, such as The church „St. Nicholas” from Unirea commune, dating from 1901.

On a free weekend, nothing compares to a car ride and discovering new places. We invite you to do the same, to take photos and to post on Insta and Facebook, with the hashtag #discoverdolj, your most beautiful discoveries!

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